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Wheat & Barley Committee


Mission Statement

At the Montana Wheat & Barley Committee we promote local research and develop trade markets around the world. We directly fund research with a goal of developing superior plant varieties and best farm practices for generations to come. We cultivate markets by building trade relationships, educational outreach, and displaying Montana values.

MWBC is governed by Montana Code Annotated (MCA) 2-15-3002 and the Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) Chapter 4.9.

Montana Wheat & Barley Committee Board Members

Montana Wheat & Barley Board Members

Name Contact Info Phone Number Term End
Terry Angvick Plentywood, Montana
(406) 600-3366 1st term ends 6/01/2024
Max Cederberg Turner, Montana
(406) 357-2387 1st term ends 6/01/2025
Keven Bradley Cutbank, Montana
(406) 229-0702 1st term ends 6/01/2025
Mike O'Hara Fort Benton, Montana
(406) 734-5434 3rd term ends 6/01/2023
Charles Bumgarner Great Falls, Montana
(406) 788-1216 2nd term ends 6/01/2024
Denise Conover Broadview, Montana
(406) 667-2185 3rd term ends 06/01/2024
Brett Dailey Jordan, Montana
(406) 853-1169 1st term ends 06/01/2024

Ex Officio Directors

Christy Clark, Director

Montana Department of Agriculture
(406) 444-5440  

Dr. Skreekala Bajwa

MSU College of Agriculture

(406) 994-3681  

Sam Schmidt

Grain Trade Rep., Montana Mining  

Montana Wheat & Barley Minutes