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Hail Insurance Program: Applying

The last day to purchase a State policy for 2024 is August 15.

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To purchase policies:

  • Your county Department of Revenue office is no longer the contact for state hail insurance policies.
  • Mail, email or fax the PDF Hail Insurance Application Form to the Montana Department of Agriculture, Hail Insurance program at the address indicated on the form; OR
  • Call the office until August 15th.
  • Be sure and fill out your field information including section number, township and range.
  • If you have questions or prefer to talk to someone about your policy you may phone your information in to the State Hail Program office using the toll free number at 1-844-515-1571.
Important Deadlines
  • MT Hail Insurance Logo - State map with umbrellaLast date to purchase State policies is August 15th.
  • Coverage begins at 12:01 am on the day following the postmark, fax date or call in day as it is received by the Department of Agriculture.
  • Report losses to the State Hail Insurance Program using the Hail Insurance Loss Claim PDF Form, or call (406) 444-5429 or toll free at 844-515-1571, or mail or e-mail the form within two weeks of hail damage occurrence.
  • Last date to submit a loss is October 1st.

Crop Coverage

Hail insurance is available on crops for the full growing season with a maximum coverage as set by state law of $75 per acre on non-irrigated crops and $114 per acre on irrigated crops. Policies will be effective at 12:01 a.m. the day following the date of application. Click here to view current Hail Insurance Rates.

Crops may be insured at any time until August 15, inclusive. Coverage ends when crops are headed, mowed or harvested or when crops are destroyed by means other than hail. All liability on crops insured will expire October 1 at 11:59 pm.

Payment Options

Your state hail insurance policy can be paid for using an e-check, debit/credit card, cash or check. Fees will apply for e-check and card transactions. Your official policy will be mailed to you for your review and signature. You must sign the policy and return it to our office with any corrections along with payment if you choose cash payment. We will enclose an addressed, postage paid envelope for your use.

Refer to Payment Options below for all the ways to pay for your insurance, or click here to view/download the Hail Insurance Payment Options Sheet . All charge policies are due and payable November 30, 2024.

As per the growers’ requests and legislative action ( HB189) in 2013, you now have the opportunity to insure your crops at a higher level. The dry land rate has increased to $75 per acre and irrigated to $114 per acre.

Cash or Check Payment: Qualify for the 4% cash discount.

Payment within two weeks of your policy effective date will receive a 4% discount. Be sure to return the signed policy and payment (check) within seven days to receive the discount. Keep in mind that if payment is not received within the two weeks, a crop lien on the insured crops sufficient to cover the fees for the insurance, plus interest will be filed.

Charge: Due in full on November 30, 2024 no discount.

You are only entitled to choose this option if you own the land that the crop is growing on. If the full payment is not received by November 30, 2024 interest will accrue and a lien may be filed on your property.

Charge: Crop lien on your crop no discount.

If you do not own land and wish to charge your policy, you must choose lien from the payment types and a lien will be filed on your current crop. Upon delivery of your grain the elevator will include the Montana Department of Agriculture on your check. You must contact the department to have the lien released.

Forms & Reports

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Montana Rules & Code: Hail Insurance