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Commodity Monthly Reporting

Assessment and Commodity Reporting Notice


Effective Feb 1, 2024

  • All assessment levels will be 2.5 cents/bushel for wheat and 3.5 cents/CWT for barley regardless of whether the transaction applies to deferred payment (DP) or No Price Established (NPE) purchase contracts.  
  • Assessment rates, as established by the Montana legislature, were made effective Jan 1, 2023.  This has allowed the industry 13 months to adjust to the new rates.

Commodity Reporting Notice

  • January 10, 2024, is the deadline to provide W-9's to the commodity reporting administrator. If you do not provide the W-9 you will not be able to create an account for the Montana Transaction Portal (TAP).
  • January 11-12, 2024, you will receive the first notification from the system providing unique user setup information.  
  • Starting February 1st, 2024, You will be required to report within 20 days the subsequent monthly assessments and outbound shipments for all required commodities with payment via the Montana Transaction Portal.

Submit Required Monthly Assessments


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Montana Rules & Code

We thank you for your time in completing these reports. They are required by MCA §§ 80-4-407, 80-4-613, 80-2-207, 80-11-311, 80-11-516, and 80-11-1004. False, incomplete, or late reporting is subject to penalties in MCA §§ 80-4-429, 80-11-211, 80-11-313, 80-11-504, 80-11-519, and 80-11-1008. These penalties may include fines and/or loss of license.