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Food & Ag Development Centers

Food & Ag Development Centers

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The Montana Food and Agricultural Development Center (FADC) Network helps Montanans innovate and grow businesses that produce and commercialize food, agricultural and renewable energy products and processes. The FADCs support local businesses to create wealth and jobs for our communities, farms, and ranches while expanding Montana’s value-added agriculture industry. The Centers - located throughout Montana - operate as a statewide network serving community-based businesses, agricultural producers, and food entrepreneurs. 

The Network supports economic development by ensuring that more of the state's food, agricultural, and energy dollars circulate in Montana. They provide training, coaching, and technical assistance including but not limited to:  

  • Business planning and development  
  • Market research 
  • Business networking – statewide, nationally, and internationally 
  • Product development, testing, and analysis 
  • Access to financing 
  • Grant eligibility and application support 
  • Regulatory compliance training 
  • Food safety training 
  • Farm to School Program support 
  • Cooperative development 
  • Education on industry dynamics and technologies 
  • Growth Through Agriculture Program support 

Agriculture Development Council Quarterly Meeting and GTA App Review  

The meeting will be held on February 13-15, 2024 at the Montana Department of Agriculture, 302 N. Roberts St., Helena, Montana.

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Abundant Montana is a connection to the land, to our neighbors, and to those committed to using locally-grown food in their businesses. How our food is produced and the distance it travels determines the prosperity of our communities and the health of our landscapes.

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