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Pesticide Waste Disposal Program

Welcome to the Pesticide & Waste Disposal Program

Pre-registration deadline is September 9 2024 for the September Events.

Annual pesticide waste disposal events began in 1994. More than 796,000 pounds of pesticide waste have been collected from more than 1,871 participants. Common pesticides that have been brought to collection events include DDT, pentachlorophenol, dinoseb, and strychnine.

Disposal Fees

The cost for disposing pesticides is FREE for the first 200 pounds. For amounts that exceed 200 pounds, the cost is $1 per pound with a minimum charge of $5. Please come prepared to pay using a check made out to the Montana Department of Agriculture. Products are weighed on site. The disposal fee for pesticides containing dioxins, dioxin precursors, or any product that may require special packing at the site may incur higher fees. Please be specific about products being disposed on your registration and be prepared for products to be inspected at the site.

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