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Pet Food & Specialty Pet Food

Pet Food & Specialty Pet Food

Manufacturers and guarantors of pet foods and specialty pet foods, including complete feed, treats and snacks, must register all products by January 1 of each year. Product labels are subject to review upon request by the department. Other commercial feeds are not required to be registered but manufacturers must obtain a Feed License.

Montana Manufacturers of Cat & Dog Treats

Businesses who meet the requirements below may qualify for exemptions and reduced costs.

(1) Treats are manufactured in Montana;
(2) Treats are for Cats or Dogs only;
(3) Treats do not contain any medication or drug or meat, poultry, fish or their byproducts as an ingredient; and
(4) Total treat sales are less than $25,000 annually. 

Businesses manufacturing treats who meet these requirements are exempt from licensing as a feed manufacturer with the department. The fees for product registration are reduced from $50 per product to $25 for the first 20 products and an additional $10 if registering more than 20 products. Labeling requirements are still in place; however, a guaranteed analysis is no longer a labeling requirement. Please contact the Feed Program with any questions. 


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