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Hemp Program

State of Montana Hemp Program

A hemp license is required to cultivate hemp in Montana, applicants must comply with Section 80-18-101 through 80-18-111 of MCA and ARM 4.19.101-202.  A hemp license provides authorization for the production of hemp at a particular growing area by a particular individual or entity.

Montana is operating its 2024 State Hemp Program as a USDA approved Plan, effective January 27, 2023. Potential licensees are encouraged to review this plan to be aware of and understand the requirements and procedures related to licensure, sampling, testing for Total THC, reporting, remediation options, and enforcement. 

NOTICE: 2024 Licensing Application Period Now Open

Please see the Licensing section of this page for more information and to download the application form.

NOTICE: Growing hemp within tribal reservation boundaries

The state of Montana does not have authority over hemp grown within the boundaries of tribal reservations. That authority rests with the tribal nation on the reservation or the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), depending on the status of the resident tribe’s hemp plan. Any person interested in growing hemp within reservation boundaries, whether a tribal member or not, must contact their resident tribe or the USDA to request information on hemp licensing requirements.

Montana Rules and Code: Hemp