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Legislative Materials

Legislative Materials

Agency Overview

The Montana Department of Agriculture manages more than 30 programs, from marketing and business development to licensing and regulating products and services, all of which are designed to protect agricultural producers and consumers as per our mission statement. Explore materials specifically pertaining to the 2023 Legislative Session below, or use the main menu to browse all MDA programs and services.


Senate Leadership

Senate President: Jason Ellsworth
Senate Majority Leader: Steve Fitzpatrick
Senate Pro Tempore: Kenneth Bogner
Senate GOP Whips: Tom McGillvray, Steve Hinebauch, Dennis Lenz and Barry Usher
Senate Minority Leader: Pat Flowers
Senate Democratic Whips: Susan Webber and Shannon O’Brien

Senate Ag Committee - Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00 PM

House Leadership
Speaker of the House:  Matt Reiger 
House Majority Leader: Sue Vinton
Speaker Pro Tempore: Rhonda Knudsen
House GOP Whips: Brandon Ler, Terry Moore, Jennifer Carlson, Steve Gist, Neil Duram, and Denley Loge.
House Minority Leader: Kim Abbott
Democratic Caucus Chair: Alice Buckley
Democratic Whips: Tyson Running Wolf, Katie Sullivan, and Derek Harvey

House Ag Committee - Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00 PM