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Adopt-A-Trailhead Montana

Adopt A Trailhead Montana (AATM)

Adopt a trailhead logo- Montana map with mountains and trees

Adopt a Trailhead Montana (AATM) is a cooperative volunteer program to help protect Montana’s trails from further spread of noxious weeds. The program started in 2015, and since then there have been 74 AATM kiosks installed with around 42 of those trailheads adopted.


Are Noxious weeds a problem at trailheads?

Yes! Noxious weeds are a problem at trailheads because these invasive plants thrive in disturbed areas. Trailheads are ideal for weed establishment because there is frequent concentrated activity in a relatively small area. This repetitive disturbance at trailheads provides the perfect habitat for noxious weeds to become established and increases their ability to spread.

Once established noxious weeds slowly make their way up trail systems often hitchhiking as seeds in mud in the treads of mountain bikes, ATVs or other motorized vehicles, in the socks, shoelaces or gear of hikers and hunters, and in the hair or fur of pets, as well as riding and pack animals.

One way to prevent the spread of noxious weeds is by using boot brushes! Installing boot brushes at trailheads help to remove seeds from the shoes of hikers and hunters that would otherwise be carried up the trail.

Trailhead sign with boot brushAt each boot brush kiosk you can find:

  • 18" x 24” Frame and signage
    • Information on present noxious weeds
    • Information encouraging trial users to clean their boots before and after hiking and the importance of reducing the spread of noxious weeds
  • Recognition signage for adoptee group
  • Black powder coated exhibit base
  • Boot brush