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Produce Program

Welcome to the Produce Program

The Produce Program provides licenses to produce dealers to ensure the quality of fruits and vegetables being distributed throughout Montana. The program provides regulatory services to the public and to specific agricultural industries. To ensure produce quality for Montana consumers, the program inspects and samples produce to confirm that it meets USDA standards and is free from diseases and pests of concern to the fruit & vegetable industry.

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  • Ensure that produce meets USDA quality standards.
  • Guard against entry of diseases and pests that could harm the fruit & vegetable industry.


The Produce program inspectors provide third party inspections for:

  • Produce imported into Montana
    - Grade inspections
    - Condition inspections
  • Produce exported from Montana:
    - Grade inspections
    - Shipping point inspections


The following fees are paid per service, as follows:

Minimum fee for any inspection:  $50
Shipping point inspection fee (for exports):  $0.095 per unit of produce shipped
Receiving point inspection fee (for imports):  hourly fee