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Hemp Licensing Process - Stage 2

Hemp Licensing Process - Stage 2 (Planting Report)

Applicants who complete Stage 1 of the licensing process and receive the initial Planting Permit must submit the Hemp Planting Report, whether a crop was planted or not.  Online submission is not available.  Please see instructions below for due dates and specific information required to receive the Production License.  Mail or email to the address listed on the report.

To receive full licensure, the applicant must submit a Planting Report confirming finalized information about the planted crop(s). Successful candidates will be issued the Production license. The Production license allows for production, harvest, and transportation of compliant hemp, including processing of compliant hemp grown under this license.  Any applicant that does not meet the conditions of the Production License will forfeit their Planting Permit and the crop will require destruction. Production license certificates will be issued to eligible applicants so they can provide verification of location and variety while growing, transporting and for sale purposes. 

Each license holder must report their hemp acreage to FSA and receive FSA assigned “Lot Numbers” prior to submitting this report to the Montana Department of Agriculture. An FSA map with varieties and lots clearly marked must be submitted along with the Planting Report. See more detail on the FSA Acreage Reporting page.

Hemp Planting Report due dates:

  • Within 4 weeks after planting seeds, receiving starter-plants, or rooting of clones
    • If a crop, Lot, or a certain variety/strain was not planted, report “Not Planted”
    • If a crop, Lot, or a certain variety/strain failed and will not be harvested, report “Crop Failed”
  • For Outdoor crops, the Hemp Planting Report is due no later than July 30th
  • Late or incomplete submissions are subject to a $100 processing fee.
  • The Hemp Planting Report must be received and approved before the Production license can be issued.  Allow approximately 3 - 4 weeks for processing.

Planting Report Submission Guidance: If a grower has multiple plantings per year separated by more than 4-weeks, multiple Planting Reports will be required.  Within 4 weeks of planting seeds, receiving starter-plants, or rooting of clones, the license holder must submit a Planting Report.  Plants that are never intended to be harvested must also be reported, including mother plants and plants that are intended to be sold as live plants.