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Here at the Montana Department of Agriculture, we are honored to support the state’s #1 industry. With over 30 programs ranging from market and business development to licensing and regulating services that protect agricultural producers, consumers and the environment, our website features an abundance of information. We encourage you to explore our programs and contact us if you have ideas about how to improve our department, our services, or our website.

Montana Agriculture Week March 19th - 25th, 2023


As declared by Governor Gianforte, March 19 th through March 25 th is officially Montana Agriculture Week. Agriculture is more than just our state’s number one industry. As Montanans, the agricultural industry plays a large roll and contribution to our way of life.  

Everything we eat, drink, wear every day along with so much more is provided by agriculture. We celebrate this week to thank all of our farmers, ranchers, and producers who work hard to feed our great state and the world. 

  1. Volunteer to organize an event in your area.  
    1. You can volunteer in arranging an event in your area to celebrate National Ag Day. You can arrange a farm-to-table activity in your area and educate the young people about the role of agriculture in our lives.  
  2. Support local farming  
    1. Today, you can take a pledge to buy locally produced products to support local farming and farmers in your country.  
  3. Consider opportunities in agriculture  
    1. If you’re unemployed, consider opportunities in agriculture. There are probably many career opportunities in this sector for people as the demand for food is increasing day by day.  

Monday, March 20, 2023: Montana Meat Day (consider Montana raised meat for dinner!)  
Tuesday, March 21, 2023: Montana and National Agriculture Day  
Wednesday, March 22, 2023: 93rd Annual Montana State FFA Convention

  1. 22 million people work in the agriculture field  
    1. More than 22 million people are working in the field of agriculture in the United States.  
  2. A farmer feeds 144 people  
    1. Each farmer in the United States feeds 144 people, which is much more than ever before.  
  3. The average age of farmworkers  
    1. In today's world, the average age of farmworkers is 58.3 years.  
  4. The average size of farms/ranches in Montana  
    1. The average size of farms in Montana is 2,137 acres  
Wheat Harvest
Montana Agriculture Month

Governor Greg Gianforte today proclaimed March 2023 Montana Agriculture Month to honor and celebrate the state’s agriculture industry, farmers and ranchers, and their contributions to the Montana way of life and the world.

In his proclamation, the governor also declared the week of March 19-25, 2023, Montana Agriculture Week, and March 21, 2023, Montana Agriculture Day.

“With more than 27,000 farms and ranches across our state, agriculture is the bedrock of our economy and communities,” Gov. Gianforte said. “We’ll continue to promote and invest in value-added ag to create jobs, expand opportunities, and help our hardworking producers keep pace with a transforming industry.”

Governor's Proclamation
Cowboy and Cowgirl leading horses in sunset
Montana Counseling Access for Montana Agriculture

The Montana Department of Agriculture and Frontier Psychiatry have partnered to provide free access to counseling for Montanans involved in agriculture. Funded through the   United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (FRSAN), this partnership provides a variety of services, including individual counseling, tele-health, and medication management, at no cost to the participant.

The   Counseling Access for Montana Ag (CAMA) program  was created to address challenges facing those working in agriculture and ensure that farm and ranch families are receiving the support they need when experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns.

Governor Gianforte shearing sheep
Helles Duckworth Ranch
Helle Rambouillet Ranch, Dillon, MT

Value-Added Agriculture March Feature

“Like any true-blue Montana brand, Duckworth Co. was founded on a local ski hill - a ski lift, to be precise. Those fateful conversations between runs formed the cornerstones of their ethos and mission: to create versatile Merino Wool products made exclusively in the USA with Montana-grown wool. Using best-in-the-world- quality Merino Wool - produced by fourth-generation sheep ranchers, The Helle Family from Dillon, Montana – Duckworth’s apparel is designed for superior performance with stewardship, sustainability, and American-made craftsmanship at front of mind.”

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Montana Ag by the Numbers

In a state where cattle outnumber people, agriculture is our business.
In fact, it is Montana’s number one industry and growing.

hexigon stating $5.27 billion industry

hexigon stating 27,100 farms & ranches

hexigon stating 58.1 million acres

Polygon stating #1 state in Chickpeas & Lentils