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Montana Soil Health Week

Montana Soil Health Week

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte proclaimed April 1st - 7th, 2024 Montana Soil Health Week and the first Wednesday in April as Montana Soil Health Day to raise awareness about how healthy soils can increase crop yields, create greater climate resiliency, improve nutrition, and strengthen food security. Furthermore, Montana Soil Health Week serves as an opportunity to highlight our farmers, ranchers, and all producers in the state that are leading the movement towards soil health stewardship.

As the demand for high-quality commodities rises, maintaining soil health and productivity is vital to the continued growth and success of Montana’s agricultural industry. “Working to maximize soil health is critical to maximizing profitability,” said Montana Department of Agriculture Director Christy Clark. “By implementing soil health principles like rotational grazing, cover cropping or no-till, our farmers and ranchers can preserve their operations for future generations while harvesting better profits.”

Agriculture is the backbone of Montana’s economy. The strength and resiliency of our food chain, water, economy, and environmental ecosystem are grounded in our soils. Montana’s producers are the stewards of these soils which are vital to growing nutritious foods, retaining water resources, and creating prosperous communities. “I’m excited to see Montana celebrate soil health this week,” said Roundup rancher Bill Milton of Milton Ranch. “Improving soil health is a win-win solution for everyone. Ag operations can see financial benefits at the same time they become better land stewards. Healthy soils also conserve our limited water resources and keep our waterways clean for all to enjoy.”

Governor Gianforte Proclamation Soil Health Week - WHEREAS, recognizing soil as an essential natural resource, and Montana's agricultural producers and professionals as playing a critical role in managing Montana's soil and water resources; and  WHEREAS, healthy soil increases the viability of farms and ranches and the nutrient density of foods; and  WHEREAS, increases the availability of water for municipalities and recreational uses, and in-stream flows for power generation; and  WHEREAS, farming and ranching are vital to economic development and thriving livelihoods for Montana's rural and tribal communities; and  WHEREAS, the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture defines soil health as the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans;  NOW, THEREFORE, I, Greg Gianforte, Governor of the State of Montana, do hereby proclaim April 1-7, 2024  SOIL HEALTH WEEK  and the day of April 3, 2024  SOIL HEALTH DAY  in Montana to raise awareness of the importance of soil health and promote the stewardship of Montana's soils.




Logan Kruse, Montana Department of Agriculture
Dustin Ogdin, Northern Plains

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