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Here are some additional resources to help you determine your Produce Safety Rule status:

FDA Coverage and Exemptions/Exclusions flow chart: https://www.fda.gov/media/94332/download

Produce Safety Flowchart

**Rarely consumed raw produce list:

Asparagus; black beans, great Northern beans, kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, and pinto beans; garden beets (roots and tops) and sugar beets; cashews; sour cherries; chickpeas; cocoa beans; coffee beans; collards; sweet corn; cranberries; dates; dill (seeds and weed); eggplant; figs; ginger; hazelnuts; horseradish; lentils; okra; peanuts; pecans; peppermint; potatoes; pumpkins; winter squash; sweet potatoes; water chestnuts.


Andrea Sarchet
Produce Safety Education & Outreach Coordinator
Phone : (406) 444-0131
E-mail : andrea.sarchet@mt.gov or foodsafety@mt.gov

Jessica Arneson
Produce Safety Compliance Specialist

Phone : (406) 444-3001
E-mail : JessicaArneson@mt.gov

  or  foodsafety@mt.gov