All fertilizer and soil amendment products require registration. In addition, any fertilizer or soil amendment that contains waste or sewage sludge distributed as a single ingredient product or blended with other ingredients must be identified at the time of registration. The registrant of a fertilizer or soil amendment containing waste or a hazardous waste-derived fertilizer or soil amendment, shall state in the application the source of the waste and the level of metals in the end product including, but not limited to, arsenic, cadmium, and lead.

Commercial fertilizer, soil amendment, and specialty fertilizer product registrations expire on December 31st each year. Product labels are required at the time of registration.


A specialty fertilizer is a commercial fertilizer, dry or liquid, that is distributed primarily for non-farm use and includes commercial fertilizers used for research or experimental purposes (MCA 8-10-101(b)(iv)).

Soil Amendments packaged and labeled primarily for non-farm use will be regulated in the same manner as Specialty Fertilizers. Soil Amendments (a.k.a. "Specialty Soil Amendments") meeting this definition are still required to be registered with the department. However, any person that only distributes “Specialty Products” (fertilizer and soil amendments) are exempt from licensing, reporting bi-annual tonnage assessment and reporting semi-annual tonnage.


Annual Fertilizer Product Registration

  • $45.00/product - Specialty Fertilizer
  • $30.00/product - Commercial Fertilizer
  • $20.00/product - Soil Amendments


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