Feed Tonnage Reporting

An Annual Commercial Feed Tonnage Report is mandatory for reporting commercial feed and feed ingredients, including customer formula feeds, distributed in Montana. Feed ingredients are considered commercial feeds unless exempted by the definition of Commercial Feed MCA 80-9-101(3)(a)(b). If a feed is fed to multiple species, report under the predominate species. This report is due no later than January 31 of each year setting forth the number of tons of commercial feeds distributed in this state during the preceding calendar year (January 1 through December 31). Each in-state guarantor or manufacturer who distributes commercial feed in this state and each supplier who distributes commercial feed into this state, upon filing the statement, shall pay the inspection fee of $0.18 per ton.

Who Needs to Pay Tonnage Fees?

  • Any supplier distributing commercial feed into Montana
  • A commercial feed manufacturer is responsible for fees only if the supplier has not paid them
  • In-state guarantors or manufacturers distributing commercial feed within Montana

Who Is Exempt from Tonnage Reporting?

  • Dealers, or those who only distribute commercial feed manufactured or guaranteed by another are not required to file, unless acting as a supplier.
  • Manufacturers, guarantors, distributors, and suppliers of pet food or specialty pet foods only.