A commodity dealer is a person or business that buys, exchanges, negotiates, or solicits the sale or transfer of agricultural commodities. Those that purchase more than $30,000 of Montana grown agricultural commodities annually must have a commodity dealer license and are required to be bonded as well.

For a current list of licensed Montana Commodity Dealers/Warehouses, please click here.


A commodity dealer is required to be licensed and obtain surety in the form of a bond, certificate of deposit, or letter of credit. The law does not apply to dealer-to-dealer transactions. Exceptions to licensing are described in 80-4-402, MCA. A commodity dealer who is also a licensed seed dealer can file for a seed dealer fee reduction.

Please read these instructions on how to complete a commodity dealer application. Forms to be completed are listed and linked below.


Commodity Dealer fees and renewals are collected annually. Licensing fees are per location and an additional license is required for businesses also operating as a state warehouse.

  • New license applications and renewals (prior to July 1): $464 per Montana location
  • New applications and renewals with seed dealer fee reduction: $100 per location
  • Late fee for annual renewals submitted after July 1: $50


Bob Ballensky
Seed and Commodity Dealer/Warehouse Program Manager
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Kay Deskins
Licensing & Registration Specialist

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Lori Leaf
License Examiner 1

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