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Collection Events

Collection Events

Collection Sites

Please contact the site manager before disposing of any pesticide containers.  

The collection site contact information can be found when you click on the orange markers in the map below.

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How are collection times determined?

Pesticide container recycling begins in May and ends around November depending on weather conditions. Once collections sites start filling up, it is recommended that site managers contact the program technician to let he/she know that the site is ready for a pick-up. A two-week notice is appreciated!

Often when the technician is collecting in an area and hasn't heard from a site manager about a collection, he/she will contact them to determine if a site is ready for a pick-up. Collecting at as many locations as they can in one area keeps the program running efficiently.

How can I get a pesticide container recycling collection site in my area?

If there are no sites within 50 miles of a potential collection site please contact Carli Davis at to discuss the options.