Sourcing Montana Products

Do you want to source local Montana ingredients and products for your restaurant, business, school or event? Here are some great places to start:

  1. Distributors and Food Hubs
    Connect with local and national food distributors and food Hubs that cover your area. Here are some of them:
    • Western Montana Growers Cooperative: www.wmgcoop.com
      For more info, contact Dave Prather at dave@wmgcoop.com
    • Quality Foods Distributing: www.qfdistributing.com
      For more info, call 406.551.2231
    • Summit Distribution: www.summit-distribution.com
      For more info, call 406.587.0707
    • Valley Distributing – Billings: www.valleydistributing.net
      For more info, call 406.248.7806
    • National Distributors: Already working with FSA or Sysco? Did you know they carry some Montana items too? Ask them about the Montana items that they carry!
    • Food Services of America: For info, call Monica Finley at 406.238.7831 or email Monica_Finley@fsafood.com
    • Sysco: www.mtsysco.com
      Call 406.247.1100
      1509 Monad Rd. Billings, MT
    • Associated Food Stores: www.afstores.com
      Click on Find a Store and enter your Zip Code. Many of the local independent grocery stores in Montana have committed to carrying Montana local products – look at this list and find the store nearest you!
  2. Local Farmers Markets: agr.mt.gov/Farmers-Markets
  3. Local Meat Processing Companies: www.mtmmpa.com
  4. Annual Montana Food Show – October 1, 2018 in Bozeman: agr.mt.gov/Food-Show-2018
  5. Made in Montana Website and Made in Montana Tradeshow - March 15-16, 2019 in Helena: www.madeinmontanausa.com
  6. Contact a Producer Directly – use the links below to find producers in your area or across the state that may have what you are looking for:
  7. Montana Farm-to-School Local Sourcing Guide: www.montana.edu/mtfarmtoschool/resources/school-food.html
  8. Montana Harvest of the Month: www.montana.edu/mtharvestofthemonth/index.html

Looking for something specific and not able to find it? Contact the Department of Agriculture Marketing Team at agr@mt.gov.

Are you a restaurant sourcing local ingredients? Looking for another reason to source local? Click Here for more info and join the Taste our Place program – it's free!