Minimum risk pesticides (e.g. citric acid, corn gluten, garlic, mint oil) that are exempt from federal registration under Section 25(b) of FIFRA must be registered with MDA prior to distribution in Montana.

Minimum Risk , Section 25(b) Application

A complete 25(b) application includes ALL of the following:

  1. Label: Refer to the Montana 25(b) Requirements. 
  2. Safety Data Sheet
  3. 25(b) Statement of Formula: Refer to the Example 25(b) Statement of Formula for all the requirements of a statement of formula.
  4. Montana 25(b) Efficacy Data Requirements: Refer to the Montana Efficacy Data Requirements for the efficacy data that must be submitted to support any claims made by the label, company website, or company marketing materials.
  5. Fee Payment: $233.00 per product per year.
  6. Application Submission: Refer to the New Pesticide Product Registration Page.


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