Montana Department of Agriculture logo


Scott Hart Building
(Agriculture/Livestock/Department of Justice)

302 North Roberts
Helena, MT 59601

Mailing Address:
PO Box 200201
Helena, MT 59620-0201

Main Number   444-3144
Fax Number   444-5409
TTY (Telephone Device for the Deaf)   444-6234


Director, Ben Thomas   444-3144
Executive Secretary, Chelsi Bay   444-3156
Attorney, Cort Jensen   444-5402
Communications Officer, Andy Fjeseth   444-3684


Administrator, Cindy Trimp   444-5408
Administrative Assistant, Lindra Davies   444-3144
Human Resource Officer, Karol Anne Davis   444-9474
Human Resource Specialist, Jen Downing   444-3145
Human Resource Fax Number   444-0606
Fiscal Manager, Ingrid Mallo   444-5405
Accountant, Rachel Andersen   444-5403
Accountant, Brittany Brott   444-5404
Accountant, Currently Vacant   444-4197
Budget Analyst, Lina Al Assadi   444-3640
Chief Information Officer, Sky Foster   444-2934
Program Analyst, David Lorenz   444-9492
Network Administrator, Todd Magill   444-0667
Web Application Developer, Justin Ringsak   444-9562 


Deputy Director / Administrator, Kim Mangold   444-5406
Fax Number   444-5409

Agricultural Development & Marketing Bureau

Bureau Chief, Christy Clark   444-3571
Administrative Support/Hail/Hay Hotline, Dani Jones   444-2402
Attorney, Zach Coccoli   444-0132
Rural Development/Farm & Ranch Loan Manager, Walt Anseth   444-5420
Business Development/GTA Program Manager, Angela Nelson   444-0134
Grants Manager, Jim Auer   444-5424
Business Development Marketing Officer, Marty Earnheart   444-9126
Business Development Specialist, Weston Merrill   444-3407
Business Development Specialist, Charsi Workman   444-5425
Food Safety Training Coordinator, Andrea Sarchet   444-0131
Hail Insurance Hotline   1-844-515-1571
Fax Number   444-9442

Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA)

Director, Eric Sommer   441-1240
Fax Number   444-1250

State Grain Laboratory Bureau, Great Falls

Bureau Chief, Greg Stordahl   452-9561
Administrative Clerk, April Peterson   452-9561
Accounting Technician, Debbie Music   452-9561
Grain Inspector, Michael Birkoski   452-9561
Grain Inspector, Jeff Hofstad   452-9561
Grain Inspector, Kari Schiller   452-9561
Ag Technician, Lucius Berg   452-9561
Ag Technician, Scott Geda   452-9561
Ag Technician, Greg Werber   452-9561
Grain Inspector (Plentywood), Patti Hedges   (406) 765-1005
Grain Inspector (Plentywood), Melissa Lee   (406) 765-1005
Ag Technician (Plentywood), Peggy Stenehjem   (406) 765-1005
Fax Number (Great Falls)   (406) 761-2141

Wheat and Barley Bureau, Great Falls

Bureau Chief, Collin Watters   761-7732
Trade & Marketing Manager, Cassidy Marn   761-7732
Administrative Support / Receptionist, Tammy Suek   761-7732
Administrative Assistance / Accountant, Kolleen Spurgin   761-7732
Communications Coordinator, Currently Vacant   761-7732
Fax Number   761-7851


Administrator, Dr. Mark Nechodom   444-2945
Program Assistant, Jocelyn Anderson   444-2944
Fax Number   444-9493

Commodity Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, Andy Gray   444-0512
Data Control Tech / Program Assistant, Belinda Adams   444-3730
Seed & Commodity Dealer / Warehouse Program Manager, Robert Ballensky   444-3950
Commodity Services Licensing & Registration Specialist, Kay Deskins   444-0510
Seed Potato, Anhydrous Ammonia & Produce Program Manager, Larry Krum   444-5419
Organic Program Manager, Georgana Webster   444-9421
Organic Program Specialist, Ed Tyanich   444-7804
Food Safety/Organic Inspector, Laurie Neuman   444-3001
Commodities Section Program Manager, Bob Church   444-5410
Feed & Fertilizer Specialist, Falina Hutchinson   444-5415
Phyto/CAPS Survey Coordinator, Ian Foley   444-9454
Plant Pest Specialist, Pat Wherley   444-5517
Fax Number   444-9493

Analytical Laboratory Bureau, Bozeman

Bureau Chief, Jona Verreth   994-1976
Fax Number   994-4494

Agricultural Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, Beth Eiring   444-9431
Natural Resource Program Manager, Layla Dunlap   444-9066
State Weed Coordinator, Dave Burch   444-3140
Noxious Weed Seed Free Forage Specialist, Rory Ruffner   444-7819
Weed Program Specialist, Carol Bearden   444-7880
Noxious Weed Grant Coordinator, Jasmine Reimer   444-7882
Entomologist, Alyssa Piccolomini   444-3790
Nursery Inspector, Carson Thomas   444-3428
Hydrologist, Currently Vacant   444-5422
Environmental Science Specialist, Brett Heitshusen   444-3271
Pesticide Registration Specialist, Jerin Borrego   444-5471
Pesticide Licensing Specialist, Tari Nyland   444-4900
Pesticide Licensing, Registration, and Training Program Manager, Linda Johns   444-3676
Training/Development Specialist, Jolene Hendrix   444-3732
Pesticide Compliance Program Manager, Leonard Berry   444-6982
Pesticide Container Recycling Technician, Alan Johns   431-3204
Pesticide/Worker Protection Specialist, Greg Murfitt   444-5430
Agricultural Science Technician, Currently Vacant   444-5512
Fax Number   444-9493