Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee Funds 2021 Projects

Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee Funds 2021 Projects

Nine new projects have received funding from the Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee

Nine new projects have received funding from the Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee to explore the science and best practices of various aspects of agricultural fertilizer.

The MFAC was created by the Montana Legislature in 1971 to fund education and research programs related to soil fertility and management in the state. The committee comprises seven members appointed by the directors of the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station and MSU Extension, five who are agricultural producers who use fertilizer in their operations and two representing the fertilizer industry. Scientists with MSU Extension and MAES develop and implement the education and research programs.   

“The MFAC is a critical part of research and advanced understanding of fertilizer use, especially across the diverse landscapes we have in Montana,” said Mary Burrows, associate director of MAES. “The partnerships this committee facilitates and the incredible potential of the field of soil sciences are evidenced by the fantastic array of projects that the committee has made possible this year." 

In addition to its advisory and funding capacity, the MFAC creates and distributes fertilizer fact sheets for producers and the public. Fact sheets can be found on the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences website and are free to download.

Research projects funded by the MFAC for the 2022 fiscal year include:          

  • Replacement of a combustion analyzer for measuring dissolved carbon and nitrogen in MSU’s Environmental Analytical Lab.
  • “Determining Optimal Nitrogen Fertilization of Selected Warm Season Grasses for Yield and Quality,” a project at MSU’s Northwestern Agricultural Research Center in Kalispell.
  • On-farm experiments to optimize site-specific application of nitrogen fertilizer rates to maximize producer profits, a statewide project.
  • “Do We Need Phosphorus Fertilizer at Depth in No-till Systems?” a project at MSU’s Northern Agricultural Research Center in Havre.
  • “Relationship Between Fertility Management and Malt Quality Advance Spring Barley Lines,” an interdisciplinary project between MSU’s Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology, the Southern Agricultural Research Center in Huntley and the Northwestern Agricultural Research Center.
  • Funding for a research analytical chemist position in MSU’s Environmental Analytical Lab.
  • “Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization of Dormant to Semi-dormant Alfalfa,” a project at the Northwestern Agricultural Research Center.
  • “Long-term Nitrogen Management in Alternative Crop Rotations,” an interdisciplinary project between the Department of LRES and the Department of Animal and Range Sciences.
  • “Enhancing Nitrogen Fixation in Pea and Lentil through Breeding and Management,” a collaboration between the departments of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology and LRES.
  • “Examining the Role of Nitrogen in Wheat Growth and Yield in Response to Increased Starch Biosynthesis,” a project in the Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology.

More information about the Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee can be found at https://agriculture.montana.edu/mfac/index.html.

  • 22 February 2021
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