Noxious Weed Trust Fund Grant Instructions

WebGrants Instructions

Noxious Weed Trust Fund (NWTF) applications are submitted through the online WebGrants application portal. Refer to the WebGrants instructions in the files below:

Environmental Assessments (EA's)

New local cooperative projects require completion of an environmental assessment for the project area. Continuing local cooperatives that have added new herbicides or expanded the project area are also required to complete an EA regarding the new information.

Download the appropriate instructions on completing the environmental assessment below:


  • The Noxious Weed Trust Fund (NWTF) is a reimbursable grant program.
  • Claims are submitted for incurred expenses online at funding.mt.gov.
  • Receipts, invoices, spray records, and document spreadsheets are required for each claim as applicable.¬†
  • Download Claim Instructions here

Status Reports

  • Submit project status reports online at funding.mt.gov.
  • Status reports are due April 15 and November 30 of each project year.
  • A final comprehensive status report is required at project completion.
  • Photo points are required with the final report for local cooperative projects. Remember to take "before" and "after" photos.
  • Final status reports are submitted no later than 30 days after the term date as stated in the grant contract.
  • Download Status Report Instructions here

Extensions & Revisions  

State Bids (Herbicide Costs)

Grant Writing Workshop Files

Refer to the Grant Instruction section below for a full list of available documents.

Greta Dige
NWTF Grant Coordinator

Phone: (406) 444-7882
E-mail: Greta.Dige@mt.gov

Jasmine Reimer
State Weed Coordinator

Phone: (406) 444-3140
E-mail: JReimer@mt.gov

Carol Bearden
Weed Program Specialist

Phone: (406) 444-7880
E-mail: CBearden@mt.gov