Montana's Pulse Potential

While pulse crops have been grown in Montana for some time, production increased dramatically in the last decade to nearly 537,000 acres in 2012. In 2015, over 800,000 acres of pulse crops were planted and harvested, making Montana the #1 pulse crop producer in the United States.

Much of Montana’s pulse production occurs in Northeastern Montana, where farmers grow pulse crops on land previously left fallow (idle) for a season. The replacement of 360,000 acres of fallow with pulse crops was worth over $100 million to the region’s economy in 2010.

The nutritional benefits of pulses are outstanding, both as whole and fractionated food products for humans and as feed for livestock of all kinds. Interested in connecting with current Montana Pulse Growers, Processors and Buyers?

We also have compiled a nutritional analysis of yellow peas, as well as a finished feed analysis of yellow peas. The numbers speak for themselves! If you are interested in the nutritional content of other pulse crops, contact Treston Vermandel

The Montana Department of Agriculture also authored a paper which discusses the current and potential future impacts of pulse production in Montana.