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The Alfalfa Seed Program is administered by the department under the Alfalfa Seed Industry Act (Montana Code Annoted 80-11-3). The Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee provides direction for research and marketing toward the continued growth of the alfalfa seed industry of Montana. The program is administered by the department's Montana.Gov Boards, Councils & Commissions website from the Office of the Governor.

Board Members

Name Contact Info Term End Qualifications
Director Ben Thomas Dept. of Agriculture
PO Box 200201
Helena, MT 49620
  Agriculture Director, Statutory Appointment
Ernest Johnson 9265 Paradise Valley Road
Chinook, MT 59523
12/21/2020 Alfalfa Seed Grower
Tom Neibur 1429 Hwy 191 S
Malta, MT 59538-0753
12/1/2019 Alfalfa Seed Grower & Alfalfa Leaf-Cutting Bees
John Mehling Rte 1 Box 1060
Hardin, MT 59034
12/21/2020 Alfalfa Seed Grower & Alfalfa Leaf-Cutting Bees
Dr. Laura Burkle MSU, 207 Lewis Hall
Bozeman, MT 59717
12/1/2018 Alfalfa Seed Grower
Dallas Steiger PO Box 387
Hysham, MT 59038
12/1/2018 Alfalfa Seed Grower
Tom Matchett 1820 Stillmeadow
Billings, MT 59106
12/1/2019 Alfalfa Seed Grower
Cavin Steiger 67 Golden Goose Road
Forsyth, MT 59327
12/1/2020 Alfalfa Seed Grower

Alfalfa Seed Program News

Research proposals sought by Alfalfa Seed Committee

Proposals due February 1, 2019

Research proposals sought by Alfalfa Seed Committee

Helena, Mont. – The Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee is seeking proposals for demonstration projects, applied research, and market development projects designed to address needs and opportunities for Montana’s alfalfa seed industry. Proposals are due February 1, 2019.

The committee will review proposals at the first regular meeting of the year. It will review all applications and make recommendations to the department for funding.  Generally, to qualify for consideration, proposals must have practical, near-term application involving practices or organizational arrangements that will stimulate an expanded alfalfa seed industry.

Visit this link for a complete list of guidelines and eligibility requirements. Questions on applications should be directed to the Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee, PO Box 200201, Helena, MT 59620-0201 or by contacting Dani Jones at (406) 444-2402 or via email at

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