The eastern Montana FADC focuses on providing technical assistance to producers who are diversifying their operations to include value-added agriculture production, and increase access to locally grown food products. The center is operated by Great Northern Development Corporation in Wolf Point and through a partnership with Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation serves the 12 most eastern counties of the State. A full time FADC Director will oversee the FADC and provide one-on-one business development, webinars, and training to producers. The FADC will also work closely with communities to develop farmer’s markets in the region where new products can be sold, and will establish a mentorship program between existing value-added ag producers and emerging producers.

Tami Burke, Director

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Great Northern Development Corporation
Tami Burke
233 Cascade St # 3
Wolf Point, MT 59201

Phone : 406.653.2590 ext 201
E-Mail : fadc@gndc.org
Website : www.gndc.org
Facebook : www.facebook.com/GreatNorthernDevCorp

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Phone : (406) 444-5424
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