Double SNAP Dollars Resources

Updated April 2020
Contact Shay Farmer, Food Access Program Manager, at shay@missoulacfac.org if you have questions.

Implementation Resources

Use these documents to help you with program implementation.

  • Data Sheets – these sheets should be completed for every market you have and submitted at the end of each month to your regional coordinator.
  • Token List – add pictures of your tokens to this sheet and print some out to help your vendors and customers understand which tokens can be used for what products.
  • Fundraising Checklist – this document has some general ideas and language you can use for your local fundraising efforts.
  • Outreach Checklist – this document includes some ideas to help with local advertising of your Double SNAP Dollars program and farmers market.

Training Resources

  • Market Employee Training Manual – this guide gives market employees a brief introduction of how to implement your Double SNAP Dollars program.
  • Vendor Training PPT – this powerpoint includes important information to relay to your vendors about the SNAP and Double SNAP programs and how to accept and get reimbursed for tokens.

Outreach Materials

Fill-in-the-blank flyer and postcards – you can enter your market information on these fillable PDFs to locally advertise your program:

Regional Flyers and Posters – - these are available for Double SNAP sites that are located within the vicinity of other sites. Print these out and post at community gathering spots, bulletin boards, or give to community organizations that serve SNAP participants.

Flyers are 8.5 x 11:

Posters are 11 x 17:

Brochure – This 9x12 Brochure lists all Double SNAP locations throughout the state. Put these in brochure holders at community organizations in your area or send to any partners you work with who serve the entire state.