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An infestation of spotted knapweed along a backcountry road.  It is important to wash your vehicle if you've been in an area where noxious weeds are present to avoid spreading them to areas where there are not weeds.
It is important to wash your vehicle if you have been in an area infested with noxious weeds, as seeds can easily be transported from place to place causing larger or new infestations.

There are many resources available to find out more about noxious weeds and methods of control. 


A stop by your county weed district, extension office or conservation district will prove beneficial.  These professionals can assist you by answering questions, suggesting what actions you should take to implement an integrated weed management plan on your property and also to recommend chemicals that should be used for different species.


Noxious weeds are everyone's problem and we all need to take an active roll in prevention, control and erradication to protect the Montana we know today for future generations.


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Published: December 10, 2012 5:01:00 PM MST.
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