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Tansy ragwort is listed as a Priority 2A state listed noxious weed in Montana.
Tansy ragwort is listed as a Priority 2A state listed noxious weed in Montana.

Montana is known for its scenic beauty and many people chose to relocate to Big Sky Country to enjoy the natural beauty of the Treasure State. When purchasing a piece of Big Sky Country, many people don’t realize that their little piece of paradise either has a noxious weed problem or may become infested if integrated management methods are not used to stop the spread of noxious weeds.

Noxious weeds take over native ecosystems, which causes unsightly weed infestations and degrades the value of  property. If an infestation is caught in its early stages, it can be relatively inexpensive to control and possibly eradicate. If left untreated a small infestation can spread, leaving you with a piece of land that is degraded, has a lowered property value and is very costly to treat since often it takes several years of repetitious treatment to manage an infestation.

As a realtor or a developer, you have a responsibility to inform potential customers about the effects that noxious weeds have on property value as well as potential future impacts noxious weeds can have on various ecosystems and the wildlife that resides there. If the presence of noxious weeds is acknowledged and proper treatment is administered; the economic, ecologic and aesthetic value of property is increased and the spread of noxious weeds can be prevented.


Published: Tue Dec 11 13:49:00 MST 2012.
Last Modified: Thu Aug 07 09:31:45 MDT 2014