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Pesticide Spills

Protective equipment depends on the product spilled

The department receives approximately 15-20 calls per year reporting pesticide spills. Only a few of those require an inspector to investigate. A person is required to report pesticide spills to the department or a field office within 48 hours if:

  • The spill is 5 gallons or more, including formulated product, diluting agent and additives.
  • The spill is 100 dry pounds or more, including formulated product, diluting agent and additives.


Information required when reporting a spill

  • Location of spill - legal description, address or landmarks
  • Pesticide(s) name - manufacturer's name, EPA registration number
  • Quantity spilled
  • Name of primary contact including address and phone number


Control, Contain and Cleanup - the 3 C's

  1. Control the pesticide spill by identifying the source and stopping the flow; wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE); and divert the spill away from water, wells, drains, sewers, etc.
  2. Contain the spill by building a dike with absorbent materials such as soil, sand, kitty litter, or a chemical absorbent tube sock. Never hose down the spill area until after clean up is complete.
  3. Clean up the pesticide spill by recapturing any usable material, absorbing residual liquid and, for contaminated soil, removing all damp soil plus 3 additional inches and contain the contaminated soil to prevent further contamination.



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