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Additional Information Regarding Plant Pest Quarantines



Seed Potato Disease Control

Pest:  Contagious diseases of seed potatoes

Regulated Area:  All states

Regulated Articles: Certified seed potatoes for commercial purposes

Restrictions:  Regulated articles may not be imported into Montana for any commercial purpose unless the seed potatoes meet all of the following conditions:

  1. from seed stock produced as a part of a certified seed potato crop in the state or country of origin and certified as being from that stock;
  2. subject to inspection at the Montana receiving point by a federal or state-federal standard grade inspector;
  3. shipped in a clean, disinfected container or transportation carrier; and
  4. accompanied by a USDA or state or origin certification of inspection describing the seed variety, seed class, standard grade, quality or condition, and seed source and have affixed to each inspection certificate an official state of origin seed potato certification tag or label.




Published: Wed Oct 12 16:49:00 MDT 2011.
Last Modified: Mon Aug 22 14:58:00 MDT 2016