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What does the Nursery Program do for you?


This program provides licenses for the sales and distribution of nursery products as part of efforts to maintain the quality of all nursery stock grown in Montana, imported to, or exported from Montana.


Changes Ahead

Please follow this link to view the whitepaper on upcoming changes to the Nursery Legislation regarding funding and fees.


The Nursery Program’s objectives:

  • Ensure that plant materials are free from harmful pests;
  • Monitor for noxious weeds;
  • Check for label accuracy; and
  • Protect the health of agriculture in Montana.


How does the program ensure nursery stock quality?

The Nursery Program provides statewide regulatory services to the public and agricultural industries. To ensure quality nursery stock and provide protection for Montana's nursery industry and consumers, the program inspects and samples nursery stock at the following locations:

  • Florists;
  • Nursery stock growing sites;
  • Garden centers;
  • Nursery stock distribution points;
  • Retail stores carrying nursery stock;
  • Landscaping businesses;
  • Farmers markets; and
  • Other locations as needed.


All plant material available for sale must be properly labeled, listing the scientific or common name. The program also collects plant samples from various nursery stock growing locations and retail sites to provide information for national surveys. A working relationship with the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine seeks to prevent new pest introductions and the movement of plant pests from foreign countries.


Who Needs a nursery stock license?

Licenses are required for any person or business that sells or distributes nursery stock in Montana, including out of state businesses and individuals. Currently license fees are decided by a tiered system:

  • A business with $1,000 or less in nursery stock sales isn't required to have a nursery license. 
  • A business with $1,001 to $5,000 is required to pay a $25 license fee. 
  • A business with $5,000 or more in nursery stock sales is required to pay a $100 nursery license fee.

What is nursery stock?

The definition of nursery stock can be found in MCA 80-7-1 which is available in the links below.


How to obtain a nursery license?

Nursery licenses can be obtained through eStop Business Licensing and can now be purchased on-line. See below in External Forms for links to the eStop Application and eStop Business Licensing Portal to apply for your nursery license.




Beth Eiring

Quarantine/Nursery Specialist
Montana Department of Agriculture
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Cam Lay
Natural Resource Program Manager
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