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Selling to Grocery Stores

Montana Food on Montana Shelves

Helping Montana agricultural producers and processors to market to Montana grocery stores.
Selling to Grocery Stores Manual Cover
Selling to Grocery Stores Manual Cover

Made in Montana & Grown in Montana Program 

The Made in Montana series of logos were developed by the Montana Department of Commerce to identify products from the state. The logos may only be used on products having been made, grown, created, or substantially transformed within the state of Montana.


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Selling to Grocery Stores Manual

This manual was developed as a road map for small manufacturers to navigate the confusing grocery industry. You can download the whole manual, or choose particular parts, depending upon your connection speed.


This document was created by Angelyn DeYoung, Marketing Officer for the Montana Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing & Business Development Division. The content was taken from published resources; interviews with food manufacturers, distributors, warehouses, and independent retailers; and guidance from other states and Canadian provinces.
While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, none of the sponsoring agencies or authors accepts responsibility for errors or omissions. The publisher, editors, and all contributors to this publication cannot be held responsible for publication errors or any consequences resulting from the use of this publication.







Made in Montana Events

The Montana Department of Agriculture, partnered with the Montana Department of Commerce, plans to host several Made in Montana events to help Montana producers connect with Montana and regional buyers. Click here for more information on these events.


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