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Crop Hail Insurance

Where To Purchase


Policies may be purchased by mailing or faxing the Acres to be insured worksheet - link below - to the Montana Department of Agriculture, Hail Insurance program at the address below until August 15th. Be sure and fill out your field information including section number, township and range.  If you have questions or prefer to talk to someone about your policy you may phone your information into the state hail program office using the toll free number.

Policies can be paid for in three ways – cash which gives the producer a 4 percent discount, charged using a crop lien or charged. When charged the premium is due on November 30th. The bill will come from the Montana Department of Agriculture.


Important Deadline: 

  • Last date to purchase State policies is August 15th.



Montana State Hail Insurance Program
Montana Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 200201
Helena, MT 59620-0202
Phone: (406) 444-2402 or (800)515-1571
Fax: (406) 444-9442




Published: Fri Sep 30 10:37:00 MDT 2011.
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