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Montana State Grain Laboratory

Grain Lab Sample Bag Order Information


Your State Grain Laboratory provides official analysis of bin samples and samples for contract settlement.


Free sample bags and protein envelopes are available upon request. Simply print the form and fill out information in the blanks. Then mail or fax the request to the State Grain Lab.


Telephone: (406) 452-9561

Fax: (406) 761-2141

Mail samples to:
State Grain Laboratory
P.O. Box 1397
Great Falls, MT 59403-1397

UPS or FedEx to:
State Grain Laboratory
821 -17th Street North
Great Falls, MT 59401


NAME __________________________________

ADDRESS ________________________________

CITY, ____________________STATE _______

ZIP CODE __________

TELEPHONE NUMBER (____) ___________________

Please Send (Number requested)
NON-PRIORITY BAGS ______________
PRIORITY BAGS ______________
PROTEIN ENVELOPES ______________

Bags and Envelope for State Grain Laboratory samples only please.


Published: Tue Jun 21 15:46:00 MDT 2011.
Last Modified: Mon Aug 22 14:40:00 MDT 2016