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Approved Uses of Camelina Meal in Feed


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Division of Animal Feeds has approved the following limited uses of camelina sativa oilseed meal as a commercial feed ingredient, if additional requirements are met:


  • Beef cattle fed in confinement - no more than 10 percent of the diet
  • Broiler chickens - no more than 10 percent of the diet
  • Laying hens - no more than 10 percent of the diet
  • Growing swine - no more than 2 percent of the diet


Companies must obtain a commercial feed license prior to manufacturing or distributing camelina meal as a feed or feed ingredient, and must properly label any commercial product containing camelina meal. A livestock nutritionist should be consulted to assis in the formulation of diets containing camelina meal.


This department recognizes the definition below for camelina meal used in livestock feeds in the allowed levels. The department also will recognize the distribution of Camelina sativa meal as a commercial feed ingredient in Montana from any company that complies with the conditions in this document and in the Montana Commercial Feeds Act.


Camelina meal, extracted, is the product obtained from high-pressure crushing of seed, or from a pre-press solvent extraction process, which removes the oil from the whole seed of the species Camelina sativa.  The meal may be heated.  The meal is the material which remains after most of the oil has been removed.  It must not contain less than 30% crude protein, a maximum of 12% crude fiber, and typically contains 10% or less residual oil.  The meal contains less than 30 micromoles of any mixture of 9-Methylsulfinylnonyl glucosinolate,10-Methylsulfinyldecyl glucosinolate, and 11-Methylsulfinylundecyl glucosinolate per gram of dry oil free solid.  It is used in the diets of broiler chickens, laying hen chickens, and cattle fed in confinement for slaughter at an inclusion of no more than 10% of the diet.


For assistance in meeting Montana labeling requirements, contact Bob Church at (406) 444-5410 or by email at bchurch@mt.gov. The department advises companies who wish to distribute camelina meal in any other state to contact that state’s feed control official. If a company wishes to distribute camelina meal in interstate commerce, contact Dr. John McCurdy, Division of Animal Feeds, CVM, FDA at (240) 453-6852 or john.mccurdy@fda.hhs.gov.






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Published: Thu Jan 05 14:05:00 MST 2012.
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