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Sample Submission Guidelines

  • Approval is required to submit samples to the laboratory.  Contact 406-994-3383 to obtain approval before shipping any sample(s) to the laboratory. 
  • Complete the Pesticide Sample Submission Form 
  • Provide all information requested
  • Ensure each sample submitted is uniquely identified
  • Estimated sample turn around time is 2-3 weeks but is dependent on the laboratory workload.


Sample Size

  • Vegetation: gallon size Ziploc bag ~ 3/4 full
    • Do not include soil or roots
  • Water: ~2x500mL amber glass bottles 2/3 full
  • Soil: ~ 2 to 3 cups in a secure container
    • Note: Out of State customers submitting soil to Montana must complete the following: seal the sample in two water tight containers (ziplok bags work for this); print and read the USDA Soil Compliance document; mail USDA Soil Compliance document with samples
  • Other: Contact the laboratory



  • Freeze soil and vegetation samples prior to shipping
  • Refrigerate water samples prior to shipping
  • We do not accept samples that have deteriorated or become compromised
  • Ship OVERNIGHT on ice or blue ice in a cooler so samples remain refrigerated during shipment
  • Ship Monday - Thursday so that samples arrive on a weekday


Sample Security

  • A sample security report is available for regulatory or litigation situations and costs an additional $25/sample
  • Notify the laboratory of sample security by checking the box located on the sample submission form






Heidi Hickes
Laboratory Bureau Chief
Montana State University

McCall Hall
Bozeman, MT  59717
phone: (406) 994-3383
E-mail: hhickes@mt.gov


Published: Thu May 10 10:58:00 MDT 2012.
Last Modified: Wed Aug 06 15:54:36 MDT 2014