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Pollinator Lesson Plans



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Is it a Bee? Grades 2-4

Brief: Students will understand the visual elements of bee identification.


Is That a Social Bee?  Grades 3-6

Brief: Students will understand social or solitary nature of bees.


Pollinator Watch! Grades K-3 (To be taught in late spring)

Brief: Students will design flowers to attract pollinators, studying the attractive quality of colors, shapes, and patterns.


Price of Pollination Grades 6-8

Brief: Students will understand that part of our food cost is for the rental or purchase of pollinators.


The Buzz on Bumble bees Grades 5-8

Brief: Students will understand the individuality and vital importance of Bumble bees.


Published: December 10, 2012 11:12:00 AM MST.
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