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Montana Pollinator Education Project (MPEP)

Additional Montana Pollinator Project Resources


Bee Basics

    An Introduction to Our Native Bees

Blue Orchard Bee Fact Sheet

     Utah Bees fact sheet

Bumble Bee Rearing Guide

     Raising Bumble Bees at Home:  A Guide to Getting Started

Go Wild USFWS Student Guide

    Pollinator species are disappearing at alarming rates.

Montana Bee Guide

    Montana Bee Identification Guide Montana State University

MPEP Recommended Reading List and Resources

    Reading list for students and teachers

Nesting Block Design for Pollinators

    Build a nesting block UDSA

Pollinator Activity Book

    Fun activities in a coloring book format USDA

Pollinator Fact Book for lessons FWS

    Attractin Pollinators to Your Garden U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Pollinators Book

    Help Save Our Pollinators - the little Humbugs

Pollinator Guide Plants for Montana

    Selecting Plants for Pollinators

Polyester Bee Nest

    Polyester bees: Born in a plastic bag Washington Post

Reed Nest for Pollinators

    Building a reed nest USDA



Educational Extensions:  Web videos, movies, and websites.






Pollinator Videos:


Student videos:


Alkali Bee Digging Nest:


TED TV Amazing Video of Pollinators:  Louie Schwartzberg


Full Version:


Shortened Version



Pollinator Websites:

Pollinator Photography and Information:  http://passionforpollinators.com/

Pollinator Partnership  http://pollinator.org/

Crown Bees http://www.crownbees.com/

US Forest Service Monarch Site  http://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/pollinators/monarchbutterfly/

Pollinator learning for students on the web:  http://www.neok12.com/jigsaw-puzzles/Pollination.htm


Be sure to share any other resources you find excellent for teaching about pollinators by sending the links to:  lbrenneman@mt.gov   we will add them to our list and share them!




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