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Montana State Hail Insurance Program

This year you will notice a few changes in the process of purchasing a policy, your premium rate and the coverage available to you the producer.


Changes include:


To purchase your policy, you will contact the Montana Department of Agriculture state hail program office by mail, fax or phone.


Montana Department of Agriculture

State Hail Program

P O Box 200201

Helena, MT 59620

406-444-2402 or toll free 844-515-1571 fax 406-444-9442


Your county Department of Revenue office will no longer be the contact for state hail insurance policies.


Linked below is a worksheet to predetermine the acres you wish to insure this year.  Follow the detailed instructions to complete the form.  If you are unsure of your legal descriptions, you can utilize the cadastral maps found at this web address:


You can mail or fax this form, or use it as a reference when you contact the office.


Your official policy will be mailed to you for your review and signature. You must sign the policy and return it to our office with any corrections along with payment if you choose cash payment. We will enclose an addressed, postage paid envelope for your use.


As per the growers’ requests and legislative action (HB189) in 2013, you now have the opportunity to insure your crops at a higher level. The dry land rate has increased to $75 per acre and irrigated to $114 per acre.


The Hail Board also approved a five percent premium increase for the 2014 season. For example, a producer with a 10% rate will pay a new rate of 10.5%.

Important Deadlines

  • Coverage begins at 12:01 am on the day following the postmark,fax date or call in day as it is received by the department of Agriculture.
  • Last date to purchase State policies is August 15.
  • Report losses to State Hail Insurance Program (406) 444-2402 or toll free 844-515-1571 within 2 weeks of hail damage occurrence.
  • Last date to submit a loss is October 1st. 



The Montana State Hail Insurance Program was created in 1917 to provide basic hail insurance coverage on any crop grown in Montana. The program continues to provide a valuable service to the agricultural producers.


The Program is directed by a five-member Board of Hail Insurance consisting of the department director, the state auditor, and three other members appointed by the Governor. The program is assigned to the department for administrative purposes, and is self supporting through a trust and reserve established with premiums paid by participating producers.


A reserve fund is maintained to provide security for the programs financial responsibilities. The fund is required to be maintained at a level which is actuarially sound based on annual review by an actuarial consultant. This assures that adequate funds are available to pay any losses, even if a catastrophic year should it occur.


The program works closely with private insurance providers in the state since many producers carry both state and private hail insurance. Participation in the State Hail Insurance Program is often considered an adjunct to private hail insurance so that producers have adequate hail loss protection.


The Montana State Hail Insurance Program has a long history of providing a valuable and important service to the producers of Montana. Program staff are dedicated to providing timely, quality service to the producers who are the ultimate owners of this program




Montana State Hail Insurance Program
Montana Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 200201
Helena, MT 59620-0202
Phone: (406) 444-2402 or (800)515-1571
Fax: (406) 444-9442




Published: Wed Nov 10 16:29:00 MST 2010.
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