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Montana Junior Agriculture Loan Program


The Montana Junior Agriculture Loan Program was developed to assist and encourage members of agricultural youth organizations in financing agricultural projects. Projects can involve crop and livestock production, custom farming, marketing and distribution, processing, and other financially feasible projects. Loans are made from the assets of the Agricultural Finance Program. Program support and technical assistance are provided by the Montana State University Extension Service, Montana agricultural educators, and private financial institutions.


By providing financial encouragement to young men and women to establish and expand agricultural projects, the program aims to:

  • Foster the interest of young people in agriculture, thereby preserving Montana's agricultural future;
  • Provide financial experience and training through personal involvement;
  • Build experience and equity in agriculture to provide a foundation for future vocations; and
  • Provide support to Montana agriculture education and Extension Service youth programs.



Active members of FFA, 4-H and other recognized agricultural youth organizations are eligible for this program. The Montana Department of Agriculture may also make direct loans to youths unable to participate as members of such organizations. Parents or guardians must be willing to cooperate with prospective borrowers and have ample facilities available to provide for the project. Applicants should be between the ages of nine and 21, Montana residents, and citizens of the United States.


Loan Amounts and Terms

The amount of loan depends on the project, but cannot exceed $3,500 for applicants ages 9-11, or $8,500 for applicants ages 12-21. Applicants may refinance loans, providing they still qualify and do not exceed the $8,500 maximum. More than one family member may qualify for individual loans. Individuals may borrow up to 90% of the total first year cost of the project. Loan repayments peridols can be one to five years, depending on the project. Payments are usually made annually. Additional terms, as well as information about the Local Loan Committee, are detailed in this document.


Additional Requirements

Upon approval of a Junior Agriculture Loan application, borrowers must agree to certain requirements.  The specific terms are detailed in this document.





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