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Beef & Cabbage Salad
Beef & Cabbage Salad

Recipes designed to use Montana-grown and Montana-made ingredients


Montana is famous for its beef and wheat, a natural fit for a healthy dinner.  Montana also leads the nation in pea and lentil production. These protein-packed and fiber-rich legumes (also known as pulses) can be featured ingredients in appetizers, pasta salads, vegetable salads, pilafs and entrees, and even in desserts and breads. Honey, cherries, cereals, and pasta are just a few other tasty Montana ingredients you can use to create a nutritious and scrumptious meal.  


How do I find these ingredients?

To find Montana-made ingredients, visit your local farmers market and also visit the Made in Montana products directory.  Many Montana products are available on grocery store shelves.  Look for the Made in Montana logo on products, or ask your local grocer what Montana products are available.


Montana Restaurants

Visit here (starting on page 5) for a list of Montana restaurants who are committed to serving dishes made from local ingredients.


See below for recipes available from other agricultural partners.  With questions, contact our staff (see below).




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