Noxious weed field day instruction

Pesticide products for different uses


  • Herbicides help manage weeds and plants that grow where they are not wanted.
  • Insecticides seek to control insect populations. The term is often used to include products such as insect growth regulators, miticides, nematicides and ovicides.
  • Fungicides kill or inhibit the growth of fungi including blights, mildews and molds.
  • Fumigants produce gas or vapor intended to destroy pests in buildings, bins or soil.
  • Rodenticides control mice, gophers or other rodents.


Search for licensed applicators and registered products

You can also search Montana registered products using all or part of the product or company name or registration number. Some products sold in garden stores are registered with the U.S. EPA and do not need to be registered in individual states.


Individuals who apply pesticides for hire must be licensed according to the category of work for which they are trained. You can search for a licensed commercial pesticide applicator or retailer by name, license number or Montana county.




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