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How do I list my Hay for sale/wanted or Pasture available/wanted?
There are four ways to get your listing on the Hay Hotline:
1) Enter your listing online here.
2) Call (406) 444-2402
3) E-mail your information to agr@mt.gov
4) Fax your information to (406) 444-9442
For 2, 3 and 4 make sure and include your name, address and phone number and we will enter your information manually onto our Hay Hotline database.
People listing hay should contact us when hay is sold or pasture is not available so we can keep our listings accurate and current.


How do I buy hay?

Using the "Search for Hay Listings" on the Hay Hotline page, use the different search criteria's to find listings that may suit your needs. Once you've found a hay source you believe may work for you, contact that producer directly yourself using the contact information provided in each listing.


Is there any cost to list my hay?

No, the service is entirely free of charge.


When I find hay I want to buy, do I need to contact the Montana Department of Agriculture, or do I contact the producer directly?
It is not necessary to alert the department to hay sales or purchases.  

Published: Mon Oct 17 11:16:00 MDT 2011.
Last Modified: Mon Aug 22 14:42:00 MDT 2016