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Bozeman Farmers Market
Bozeman Farmers Market

Shop at your local farmers market where you will find the freshest food available and support the Montana tradition of the family farm. Markets play a valuable role in promoting healthy local economies and communities in Montana. While shoppers enjoy the freshness and taste of locally grown foods, vendors gain greater value for their product and circulate their earnings through the local economy.


You will get exceptional taste and freshness, strengthen your local economy, safeguard your family health, and protect the environment. Best of all, you'll get to know your local farmer and learn about how your food is grown.


Visit a Market

Visit our interactive map, or print this directory and map of 2015 Montana farmers markets with seasons, hours and locations.


For additional information about establishing farmers markets, see the program page for farmers markets and vendors.  With questions about Farmers Markets, contact our staff (see below).


Who Benefits From Farmers Markets?

Small and Medium-sized Producers. Farmers markets are often the first point of entry into the marketplace for
small and medium-sized producers. Farmers markets help small and medium-sized producers incubate their
businesses, develop and test new product lines, obtain better prices for high-value product than alternative
distribution channels, and obtain a reliable source of farm income.

Consumers. Farmers markets allow consumers to have access to locally-produced, healthful farm-fresh food,
to develop face-to-face relationships with the farmers who grow the food, and the opportunity to contribute
directly to local farm viability.

The Community. Farmers markets often serve as an integral part of creating robust local economies, thriving
neighborhoods and vibrant civic design plans. They also provide easier access to fresh, healthful food in
communities where access to fresh, nutritious food may be otherwise limited.


Other Agriculture Encounters

For additional ways to experience authentic Montana agriculture, such as working farms & ranches, fairs, and pumpkin patches, visit our Agritourism page.





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