Encounter Agriculture!

Choteau Threshing Bee
There's plenty of family fun at the Choteau Threshing Bee. Photo courtesy of Montana Office of Tourism.

Even if you’re not a farmer or rancher, you can connect with the land and the people that produce the foods and beverages you consume. Agritourism is where agriculture and tourism intersect, as farms, ranches and production facilities invite the public onto their property to get a taste of the country and enjoy great agricultural products at the peak of perfection.

Visiting a farm, ranch, winery, brewery, or special agriculture event offers wonderful, unique experiences. Selecting the perfect pumpkin straight from the patch, roping a calf, buying farm fresh products, enjoying local entertainment, participating in activities, or getting to know a local winemaker are just a few of the fun and fabulous activities waiting for you.

Escape from the stress of traffic jams and office cubicles and spend the day with your family in the country!

This website offers a sampling of agritourism activities available in Montana. We’ll be continually updating this information, so check back often for new events and destinations. Also, check the links below for other great things to do and places to visit.




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Published: October 14, 2011 4:12:00 PM MDT.
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