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Montana Pesticide Product Registration


The Montana Pesticide Act requires that any pesticide sold, distributed, offered for sale, purchased, given away, used or applied in the state must be registered by the state Department of Agriculture.


Pesticides registered by the state include algaecides, aquatic herbicides, avicides, disinfectants, fungicides, fumigants, herbicides, insecticides, nematocides, predacides, piscicides, rodenticides, repellents and wood preservatives, as well as section 25(b) minimum risk pesticides. Montana does not currently register pesticide devices or adjuvants.


New pesticides may be registered at any time; all renewals are due January 1st of each year. Requirements for new product registrations are electronic copies of the label and SDS (can be submitted via ALSTAR, email or CD), a signed application form (can be found at the bottom of this page), and a registration fee. Fees can be mailed or paid online.

Updated labels and M/SDSs should be emailed to elenajohnson@mt.gov or mailed to Montana Department of Agriculture on a CD.


We require seperate registrations for products with various scents and pet sizes. We do NOT require seperate registrations for products with multiple container sizes unless the directions for use vary according to the containter.




The EPA defines a pesticide as “Any substance or mixture of substances intended for: preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest.”


Pests are defined by the EPA as “living organisms that occur when they are not wanted or that cause damage to crops or humans or other animals. Examples include: insects, mice and other animals, unwanted plants (weeds), fungi, microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, and prions.”


Types of Registrations


Section 3

The majority of pesticides registered in the United States fall under FIFRA Section 3. Each pesticide registration is for a specific, labeled use of a particular formulation which is supported by research data. Before receiving EPA registration, pesticides are required to go through an extensive environmental, health and safety evaluation by the EPA. Once a pesticide has received EPA approval and registration, it can be registered in the state if there is a use for it.


Minimum Risk, Section 25(b)

Section 25(b) pesticides are considered minimum risk pesticides and are exempt from federal registration; however, they still require state registration in Montana. 25(b) products may not be sold in the state prior to being registered, refer to the Montana Requirements for 25(b) Product Registrations for more details. For further background information, refer to FIFRA 25(b) Minimum Risk Products: Notice 2000-6.


Special Local Need, Section 24(c)

24(c) registrations are for state specific pesticide uses that do not have a Section 3 registration. These registrations require a more extensive review process than Section 3 and 25(b) registrations as they include product uses that have not been reviewed and approved by the EPA. Refer to our 24(c) guidelines for more details on the application process and requirements. Current 24(c) registrations and labels can be viewed here.


Section 18

Section 18 registrations provide exemptions from pesticide registration under emergency conditions. An emergency is considered an urgent, non-routine situation. Refer to our Section 18 Guidelines for details.



Experimental Use Permits are available under FIFRA Section 5 to do field-testing on products before they receive Section 3 registration. EUPs establish conditions for the transportation, application, and disposal of pesticide material used in tests. Pesticides with EUPs are not to be sold or distributed other than through approved participants in the test program. For more details on EUPs, refer to EPA's Pesticide Registration Manual: Chapter 12- Applying for an Experimental Use Permit.


2(ee) Recommendations

Section 2(ee) recommendations allow pesticide users to apply pesticides under limited conditions not specified on the product label. While the recommendations do not require additional state registrations, they are considered part of the label and must be consistent with FIFRA Section 3 labeling requirements. Montana does not require registration or approval of section 2(ee) use recommendations. We request that registrants send us all 2(ee) bulletins for our records. For more details on 2(ee) recommendations, go here.




NPIRS: National Pesticide Information Retrieval System - Search for products registered in Montana by EPA Registration Number, product name, company name, or active ingredient to verify state registration and view master labels.


PPLS: Pesticide Product Labeling System- Search by product name, company name, or EPA Registration Number to view pdfs of EPA approved labels.


EPA Pesticides Home: Find EPA’s pesticide related news, information sheets, and registration process and policies.


Montana Pesticide Product Registration Search: Search for EPA registered pesticide products that are currently registered for use in Montana by registrant, product name or EPA Registration Number.


State Pesticide Registration Specialist: Contact Montana’s Pesticide Registration Specialist by email or phone at 406-444-5471.



Annual Product Registration                                                       Special Registrations

$185.00 per product                                                                   $90.00 per product






Elena Johnson
Pesticide Registration

Montana Department of Agriculture
302 N Roberts
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: (406) 444-5400
E-mail: elenajohnson@mt.gov
Fax: (406) 444-9493

Linda Johns
Pesticide Licensing, Registration, and Training

Program Manager

Montana Department of Agriculture
302 N Roberts
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: (406) 444-3676
E-mail: ljohns@mt.gov


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