Product Registration


The Montana Pesticide Act requires that any pesticide sold, distributed, offered for sale, purchased, given away, used or applied in the state must be registered with the department. 


Special Pesticide Registrations (FIFRA Section 2ee, 18, or 24(c))

The department can approve the use of pesticides for localized pest problems, known as a Section 24(c) registration.  We can also work with the USEPA to provide an emergency exemption from registration for emergency pest infestations, known as a Section 18 emergency exemption. 


Special pesticide registrations are initiated by Montana growers or grower associations in a cooperation with department, specialists in pesticides and pest management, and pesticide registrants. Applicants should refer to Montana's Section 18 guidelines and 24(c) guidelines to assure all applicable information is included with the application requests. For current registrations, see Special Registrations in left menu.


Minimum Risk Registrations (FIFRA Section 25(b))

The department requires registration of Exempt Pesticide Products under FIFRA Section 25(b).  If you produce a 25(b) pesticide, please see the Montana requirements for 25(b) registration prior to allowing your product to be sold in the state.  For background and more information on 25(b) pesticides, please see FIFRA 25(b) Minimum Risk Products: Notice 2000-6 .

Registration and Registration Renewal

Copies of the EPA approved label and Material Safety Data Sheets must be submitted with the registration application.

The department will accept electronic versions of labels. 

Pesticide registrations must be renewed annually by January 1 of each year.



Annual Product Registration

$185.00 per product




Elena Johnson
Pesticide Registration

Montana Department of Agriculture
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Fax: (406) 444-9493

Linda Johns
Pesticide Licensing, Registration, and Training

Program Manager

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