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Proper Storage of Pesticides

Stored pesticides must be managed properly

Under state and federal law, all pesticide containers must be stored as directed by the product label. In addition, the department recommends:

  • When feasible, the storage area should be in an area not subject to flooding but downwind and downhill from sensitive areas such as homes, play areas, feedlots, gardens and groundwater sources.
  • Lock the storage area to prevent unauthorized access to pesticides and reduce the chance of accidental spills.
  • Keep pesticides separate to prevent cross-contamination. Herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides should be stored on separate shelves or in separate areas.
  • Keep large drums or bags on pallets and off the floor.
  • Shelves for smaller containers should have lips to prevent containers from sliding off.
  • Steel shelves are easier to clean than wooden ones if a spill occurs.
  • Store dry products above liquids to prevent wetting from spills.
  • Provide adequate road access for deliveries and emergency equipment.
  • Post signs or labels to identify pesticide storage areas. Labels on the outside of the building assist firefighters if they must respond to a fire or a spill. It is also a good idea to separately keep a list of the products and amounts.



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Published: Thu Aug 25 14:00:00 MDT 2016.
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