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Initial Trainings for Pesticide Applicators

MDA offers initial training courses to prepare for examination on the National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual and specific categories each year to provide new applicators and dealers information about laws and regulations, licensing processes, pest management, pesticide labeling, pesticide formulations, personal protective equipment, pesticide safety, and use and pesticides in the environment. After completion each training, attendees will have the option to take the exams. There is a fee to attend trainings but there is no fee for examination. Schedule of trainings, additional licensing information, and available training manuals can be found below.


Recertification for Applicators

Pesticide applicators and dealers are required to requalify for licensing prior to every fifth licensing year. The recertification and renewal chart linked below contains recertification periods for each licensed category. There are two ways to requalify:

  • Pass the complete licensing examination series again, or
  • Attend 12 hours of approved training approved in your license category before the recertification period ends

An applicator can attend any MDA APPROVED training found in the “Continuing Education Training” list (see left menu blue tabs). This is the official list of approved trainings and is updated frequently. Each individual is responsible for monitoring and obtaining the necessary 12 credits within the recertification period.


Training Standards

Click HERE to view the training standards for Core and Categories for Commercial and Government Applicators and Dealers. These are the standards used to assess CEs for all trainings submitted to the Department for approval.

MDA Trainings

  • Pre-Registration with payment is REQUIRED for all MDA Trainings.
  • Click HERE to register for trainings and purchase study manuals, or you can print the forms below and mail with payment
  • 2016 National Core Initial Applicator and Dealer Training click HERE for more information
  • 2016-2017 MDA Pesticide Training Schedule click HERE


General Training Information FAQs:

Must I attend a training to obtain an applicator or dealer license?

                No. Trainings are optional. You may purchase study manuals, prepare on your own time, then schedule with one of our offices to take your test(s).

Is there a particular time during the year that tests are offered?

                Most people prepare to take their tests before the spray season starts, however you can test anytime during the year. Walk-in testing is available in our Helena office Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm, all other MDA offices are by appointment.

How many credits do I receive by attending training?

                Credits are approved for each training course and announced in the training list. Each training can be approved for a different number of credits or can be for different license categories. Check this information before you register. In general, 50 minutes of qualified material will equal 1 CE. The maximum number of credits available for a single training is 6 CEs.

What if I attended training but my license category was not approved for that training?

                It is the applicator’s responsibility to check each training for the approved license categories before they register or attend. No credits will be given to the applicator if the license category was not approved.

Are online trainings offered and how many online trainings can I take?

Online training is available through multiple outside vendors and is listed in our approved courses list. Fees range from FREE to $25 per credit, depending on the sponsor. Up to 6 CEs per category will be approved per recertification cycle. You may take as many online trainings as you wish, however only 6 credits will count toward your required 12 credits. Training credits take approximately 30 days to be reflected on your training summary.

What is a recertification cycle?

                Your recertification cycle is a 4-year cycle for continuing education. It is a set schedule based on license category, not on when you received your license. The schedule can be found on the “Recertificatino and Credits” page in the left menu blue tabs.

Licensing FAQs:

When are license renewals sent and how do I renew my license?  

License renewal forms are mailed to current licensed individuals in early November. To renew your license you can return a signed renewal form along with payment or you can go to the licensing webpage (see left menu blue tabs) and complete an online application and pay online. License renewals are processed as they are received so you do not need to wait until January 1 of the next year to renew. A late fee is applied to all renewals received after February 28.

Does Montana offer reciprocity with other states?

                Montana may offer reciprocity with other states on a case-by-case basis. Please call Dan Reimer at 406-444-4900 for more information.

I lost my license, how do I receive a replacement?

                If your license is current, you may call our office at 406-444-5400 to request a replacement license.





2016 2017 Training Calendar




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