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Personal protective equipment for some pesticides

Changes for all Pesticide Applicators

Changes include EPA's proposed certification and training rules, pesticide fees, pesticide statute and rule and new worker protection standards.  For more information or to send us your comments, please click HERE.


Department Responsibilities

The Montana Department of Agriculture has the responsibility to ensure that pesticides are available for use and do not pose an unreasonable adverse effect on human health or the environment. 


The department's Agricultural Services Bureau works to this end by:

  • Reviewing pesticide registrations
  • Training applicators to use pesticides appropriately
  • Providing licensing of pesticide applicators and dealers
  • Providing technical and compliance assistance to applicators and landowners, utilizing enforcement authority when necessary
  • Providing environmental protection services such as waste pesticide disposal, pesticide container recycling, and monitoring of our water resources

Please see the links at the left for more information on individual programs.


What is NEW?


  • Online Payments are now available for:

    • Pesticide Licenses

    • Adding Operators

    • License Renewal Late Fees

    • Training Manuals/ Study Materials

    • Pesticide Training Courses

    • Pesticide Product Registrations


Click HERE for instructions.


  • New certification study manual released in January 2016:

(33) Forest Pest Control Manual - MT Department of Agriculture 2015 Revision.


  • Using Restricted Use Pesticides in Indian Country: Pesticide applicators wanting to apply restricted use pesticides in Indian country within Montana’s borders must obtain an EPA federal pesticide certification. Submit a complete federal certification application form and a photocopy of both sides of your current and valid State of Montana pesticide license to the EPA regional office at:

                      US EPA, Region 8
                      Attn: Region 8 Certification
                      1595 Wynkoop St, 8P-P3T
                      Denver, CO 80202


The application form and instructions can be downloaded at: 


  • Bed Bug Information: Check out EPA's Bed Bug Clearinghouse. This website has information for pest control operators, schools, hotels, landlords, health care facilities, and many other audiences. The Centers for Disease Control and EPA have determined that bed bugs are a pest of significant public health importance. Read more in the link to better understand risks associated with bed bugs and how government agencies are working together to provide support and resources to those affected.
  • Rodents:  Manage ground squirrels and other field rodent pests.  Check out our bulletins or contact our vertebrate pest specialist to make sure you are doing it right!



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