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Personal protective equipment for some pesticides

Department Responsibilities

The Montana Department of Agriculture has the responsibility to ensure that pesticides are available for use and do not pose an unreasonable adverse effect on human health or the environment.  The department's Technical Services Bureau works to this end by reviewing pesticide registrations, training applicators so they are certified to use pesticides appropriately, providing licensing of pesticide applicators and dealers, providing technical and compliance assistance to applicators and landowners, utilizing enforcement authority when necessary, and providing environmental protection services such as waste pesticide disposal, pesticide container recycling, and monitoring of our water resources to determine if pesticides are present and if they are having an adverse impact.  Please see the links at the left for more information on individual programs.


What is NEW?

  • Driftwatch Montana is up and running!  If you are a producer or applicator, please check out the site and register! 
  • Commercial applicators:  Make sure you have the right license category for the job, before the busy season!
  • Structural Pest Control Operators:
  • Learn more about bedbugs.  Unfortunately, they are here and are tricky to manage. MDA and EPA are teaming up to provide a training on bedbugs for building managers and structural pest control operators.  Stay tuned for more info.
  • EPA has requested label for pyrethroid products used on structures-because of your input!  Look for the new labels allowing expanded exterior treatments soon.
  • Rodents:  Now is the time to manage ground squirrels and other field rodent pests.  Check out our bulletins or contact our vertebrate pest specialist to make sure you are doing it right!
  • Minor/Specialty Crops:  For more information, contact Dr. Mary Burrows at 406-994-7766 or mburrows@montana.edu.  The purpose of the IR-4 program is to enable the crop protection industry to provide safe, effective, and economical crop protection products for growers and consumers of minor/specialty crops. The crop protection industry cannot justify the costs associated with the research and development, registration, production, and marketing of crop protection products for minor/specialty crops due to the smaller market base and limited sales potential. The IR-4 program provides the assistance needed to ensure that new and more effective crop protection products are developed and made available to minor/specialty crop producers. Deadline 2 Apr. Read full announcement.

Upcoming Events

2014 Fall Core Recertification Training- All commercial/government categories, 4 credits- Registration Packet

  • 9/23     Kalispell   (8am-12:30pm)       Best Western Plus Flathead Lake– 4824 US 93S (near Somers)
  • 9/24     Missoula  (8am-12:30pm)       University of Montana-University Center 32 Campus Drive             
  • 10/1     Bozeman (8am-12:30pm)       MSU-Strand Union Building Ballroom
  • 10/3     Great Falls (8am-12:30pm)     MSU Great Falls College– 2100 16th Avenue S
  • 10/7     Glasgow (8:30-1pm)               Cottonwood Inn– 45 1st Ave NE
  • 10/21   Billings (8am-12:30pm)           Hilton Garden Inn– 2465 Grant Rd

Registration opens August 1st. Registration forms will be mailed to all licensed commercial/government applicators. Registrations forms, agenda, directions, and online registration will be available here August 1st.



It's never too early to plan. We have several new training opportunities coming in 2015. Registration will open late December.


  • Initial Training for Right of Way/Reg Weed            February 23, 9am-3pm  (test Feb. 27)  Billings
  • Initial Core Training for new applicators                February 24-27 (test Feb. 27)            Billings
  • Initial Training for Ornamental and Turf                March 9, 9am-3pm (test Mar. 13)        Helena
  • Initial Core Training for new applicators                March 10-13  (test Mar. 13)               Helena
  • Recertification Training Right of Way/Reg Weed     February 23, 9am-2pm (4 credits)       Billings
  • Recertification Training Ornamental and Turf          March 9, 9am-2pm (4 credits)             Helena
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Agricultural Services Bureau

Montana Department of Agriculture
302 N Roberts
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: (406) 444-5400
E-mail: agr@mt.gov
Fax: (406) 444-9493


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